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Savanna Prime Notes

Here you can read the Tropical Savannas CRC information sheets available on the Queensland Department of Primary Industries Prime Notes CD-ROM. This CD-ROM has more than 5600 advisory fact sheets from a wide variety of Australian government and research agencies. The information concentrates on natural resource management and agricultural topics.

Introduction to the Tropical Savannas

Issues in savanna management

Managing fire in the Savannas

Arnhem Land
Kimberley fire case studies
Queensland fire case studies
Northern Territory fire case studies

Weeds in the Savannas

Mimosa in the NT
Weeds in the Burdekin Rangelands: General Issues
Weeds in the Burdekin Rangelands: Management
Managing rubber vine


Biograze is a collaborative project by staff from CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, the Pastoral Board of South Australia, South Australian Department for Environment and Heritage, the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, and land managers in the regions in the rangelands. The project was jointly funded by these research agencies and the Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation.

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