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Australian Curriculum Links

Australian Curriculum Links: Science
Here is a list of possible Australian Curriculum: Science links. Assessment opportunities for these outcomes are explicit in the Outback Mobs Learning Plan. [pdf 494.3 kb]

Curriculum Links

Outback Mobs was developed to align with the Australian Curriculum. It complements an integrated approach with Science and History as well as two of the three cross curriculum priorities in the Australian Curriculum: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and Sustainability.


Overarching learning outcomes:

Historical Literacy
  • Compare and contrast different sources of evidence (primary vs. secondary)

  • Observe, predict and explain changes in landscapes over time using paired photography technique

  • Link cause and effect of pastoral practices on the environment over different and contrasting periods of time

  • Connect continuity and changes to social, political, environmental and economic values, thinking, and decision making over time.

Scientific Literacy
  • Develop an enhanced understanding of current issues (sustainable grazing) that involve implications of research, applications of science for future sustainability.

  • Recognise the work of researchers and scientists enable people to make informed decisions.