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These books are a selected range of titles focusing on fire issues in northern Australia.


Savanna Burning-1


Savanna Burning provides an insight into how fire affects all aspects of Australia's tropical savannas. With each chapter written by leading experts in their fields, the book also includes useful information about the savanna landscapes. For example, Chapter 2 describes the physical environment of the tropical savannas and shows how the different  landscapes within the savannas have been shaped by climate, geology and soils. 

 Authors: Edited by: Rodd Dyer, Peter Jacklyn, Ian Partridge, Jeremy Russell-Smith and Dick Williams.


Wurrk Tradition-1


Culture, Ecology and Economy of Fire Management in North Australian Savannas: Rekindling the Wurrk Tradition documents the history of fire use in the savannas, post-settlement changes that altered fire patterns, personal histories of a small number of Indigenous people who lived most of their lives on the Arnhem Land Plateau and their deep knowledge of fire and how to apply it to care for country. It demonstrates how such knowledge and commitment can be applied in conjunction with rigorous scientific analysis, advanced technology, new cross-cultural institutions and the emerging carbon economy.

 Authors: Edited by Jeremy Russell-Smith, Peter Whitehead and Peter Cooke.