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Related Opportunities

The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) is an ideal opportunity for schools to use a whole-school-approach to reducing their ecological footprint.

The Scientists in Schools program is a national educational experience
that brings together scientists and teachers for a one-to-one, ongoing
professional partnership with the aim of enhancing science education in
our schools. Once partnered, the teacher and the scientist decide how to combine their educational expertise and scientific expertise to enrich the science education experience of the students.

Community Links

These organisations are involved in issues related to biodiversity conservation in Northern Australia.  

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (North Australian Quarantine Strategy)

Greening Australia Community Links

Community organisations offer opportunities for schools to get involved in conserving biodiversity.

Photo: Ian Dixon


Phone: (08)8999 2109

Conservation and Land Management (Western Australia) 

Phone: (08) 9168 4200  (Kununurra)

Phone: (08) 9192 1036 (Broome)                    

Crocodylus Park (Darwin)

Phone:  (08) 8922 4500

CSIRO Tropical Ecosystems Research Centre (Darwin)

Phone: Science Education Centre (08) 8944 8494

CSIRO Davies Laboratory (Townsville)

Phone: Science Education Centre (07) 4725 7887

Greening Australia (National)


Greening Australia (Northern Territory)

Phone: (08) 8981 1344

Greening Australia (Queensland)

Phone:  (07) 3902 4444

Greening Australia (Western Australia)

Phone: (08) 9335 8933

Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts (wildlife section)

Phone: (08) 8999 5511

Northern Territory Wildlife Park (Berry Springs)

Phone:  (08) 8988 7200

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service/Environmental Protection Agency

Phone: (07) 4722 5211 (Townsville); (07) 4046 6602 (Cairns); (07) 4744 7888 (Mt Isa)    

 WorldWide Fund for Nature (Australia)

Phone: (08) 8941 7554 (Threatened Species Network - Northern Savannas Coordinator)