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NTCF Links
Here are some possible NTCF Learning Outcomes for the Burning Issues module. [pdf 38.0 kb]

National Statements of Learning
Burning Issues could provide students with these learning opportunities from the Statements of Learning. [pdf 60.2 kb]

Curriculum Links

Burning Issues launch3

Taminmin Middle School students launch Burning Issues. Photo: Julie Crough

Overarching learning outcomes for Burning Issues focus on:


Scientific literacy

  • Develop an enhanced understanding of current issues (burning regimes and carbon emissions) that involve implications of research, applications of science for future sustainability;
  • Recognise that the work of contemporary scientists uses both traditional Indigenous knowledge and western scientific evidence that together enable us to make informed decisions.

Information Literacy

  • Recognise need for information, locate and use information effectively;

Critical thinking skills and appropriate technologies

  • Employ critical thinking skills in the evaluation and analysis of the information and its sources;
  • Formulate logical conclusions and present those conclusions in an appropriate and effective way.


  • Communicate using a wide range of resources including text, visual, audio, and video sources.