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Australian Curriculum Links
Here are links to the Australian Curriculum with assessment opportunities in the Savanna Walkabout Learning Plan. [pdf 461.7 kb]

Possible NTCF Outcomes (PDF document)
Here are possible links to Northern Territory Curriculum Framework outcomes. Assessment opportunities for these outcomes are explicit in the Savanna Walkabout Learning Plan. [pdf 103.7 kb]

Teaching Note

Teachers can choose other outcomes depending on the emphasis taken when using Savanna Walkabout particularly in conjunction with offline classroom materials.

The chosen outcomes should reflect only those that will be directly monitored and for which evidence of learning will be gathered.

Curriculum links 

What do we want students to learn?

Learners will know:
  • Biodiversity is linked to the quality of the environment and the health of all living things.
  • An ecosystem is a community of interacting organisms and the environment in which they live.
  • Food chains and food webs show feeding relationships and the transfer of energy between organisms.
  • Scientists/researchers use a scientific inquiry process designing investigations to solve problems, answer questions, test hypotheses and communicating their research, findings and recommendations.
  • Scientific evidence enables us to make informed decisions about the environment.
  • Positive action usually is a result of evidence put forward to decision makers.
Learners will be able to:
  • Demonstrate relationships between organisms by creating food chains and food web models.
  • Explain the physical, cultural and social impacts (short and long term) on savanna ecosystems and the effects of loss of biodiversity.

  • Use an action research cycle, including working scientifically to identify and investigate a local biodiversity issue.

  • Present their findings and recommendations to an identified audience.

  • Consider the costs and benefits of recommendations and collaboratively develop an action plan to implement recommendations, implement the plan and evaluate its effectiveness.