Regional profile

The Darwin-Kakadu region is one of the most heavily populated and developed regions of northern Australia. The high rainfall and diverse land systems, combined with a variety of land uses, have provided opportunities for a range of weed species to become established, particularly in disturbed areas.


The region also has a high concentration of government departments and educational institutions, as well as the high-profile Kakadu National Park. This means that its weed problems have been studied in more detail than in other regions of the Northern Territory. Much information is therefore available on the region's existing and potential weed problems.

Under the Act

There are many other undesirable plants in the Territory that cause problems in pastures, crops, recreation reserves and home gardens. They are still considered weeds but are distinct from declared noxious weeds under the Act as they are either easily controlled by cultural practices or their enforced control is impractical.

Weed types

This section is divided into the most prominent weed types in Darwin-Kakadu, and where they are located. You can click on the content pages above to find out more about Weeds and Conservation; Pastoral areas; Urban areas and Wetlands.


Fire and spear grass: a case for wet-season burning in Kakadu

Greg Miles, a Kakadu ranger, discusses the results from CSIRO’S Kapalga fire experiments and the effect of fire on spear grass. From Savanna Links, Issue 25, April - June 2003 [read more...]