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Feral Animals of Gulf Country

Major feral animals

Pigs and feral horses are the principal pests of the Gulf region as they impact on both pastoralists and natural ecosystems through the entire region. Feral cats are widespread throughout the Gulf Country, as are cane toads. However the impacts of both of these on native animals in the Gulf continue to be poorly understood.

Feral species, in the Gulf region, that have the most potential to significantly impact on the natural environment or pastoral activities include the following:

  • Natural environment:
    • Pig, cane toad, cat, horse
  • Pastoral:
    • Pig, horse

Distribution and density

  • Donkey—found in the north-west sector of the region
  • Horse—densest populations located along the coastal region with a patchy distribution of high to low densities inland
  • Pig—inhabit the entire region with densities increasing to their highest towards Queensland
  • Cat—distributed throughout the entire region
  • Rabbit—seasonal, small isolated pockets around the south
  • Fox—seasonal, isolated areas mostly in the east
  • Cane toad—spread throughout the entire region
  • Buffalo—scattered occurrence restricted to the far north-west.